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This Week’s Tweets and Pins

Here are the links I shared on my Twitter and Pinterest accounts that you might find interesting:


How Books Shaped The American National Identity http://buff.ly/MXM5qY

Larry McMurtry’s Book Auction in Texas http://buff.ly/OUrvn6

Publishing Is Broken, We’re Drowning In Indie Books – And That’s A Good Thing – Forbes http://buff.ly/PpglY5

The Tradition of the Book Continues http://buff.ly/MSFgae


Libraries, Ebooks and Beyond – an online event http://buff.ly/OWezgL

Libraries to try buying e-books directly – SFGate http://buff.ly/OXOePj #libraries #ebooks

Library Patrons’ Want E-Books Over Every Other Downloadable Media | Digital Book World http://buff.ly/McyYvO

Major authors dip a toe into digital waters http://buff.ly/OWeEB2

Open thread: Amazon forces Unglue.it to Suspend Crowdfunding for Creative Commons eBooks « unglu… http://buff.ly/NlkQ61


District Dispatch – Mobile Commons gives library supporters a way to get alerts via their cellphones http://buff.ly/PkKcAR

Library as Makerspace: Creating and Nurturing Communities of Teen Writers | The Unquiet Librarian http://buff.ly/MWUXgH


Spark Hire’s Top 25 Must Read Blogs for Employers – Spark Hire http://buff.ly/MzRC78


Bruce Schneier, An Avatar of Digital Distrust http://buff.ly/OUrjEt


10 Things People Love and Hate About Pinterest http://buff.ly/MXQdr7

http://App.net Raises $600K to Build an Ad-Free Alternative to Twitter http://buff.ly/PghNvQ

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