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Privacy–People Do Care!

The Berkeley Center for Law and Technology has published a paper, “Mobile Phones and Privacy” that asks users themselves what is important to them when it comes to online privacy.

TechRepublic does a great job of examining the paper and also interviews the researchers behind it.

In question after question, cell phone users state their preference for more privacy rather than less.  It makes one wonder why then we all agree to accept so much less.

The paper comes to several conclusions:

      • The market has produced few realistic, privacy-protective alternatives to the dominant privacy-invasive online services.
      • Greater transparency and consent requirements could help, but only if consumers can make decisions that align with their preferences.
      • The gulf between private-sector information demands and consumer preferences suggest that better disclosures and choice mechanisms will only preserve the status quo.
      • Aggressive interventions are necessary to create incentives for firms to reduce collection of personal information.
      • Privacy tradeoffs are not clear; consumers need the ability to change their minds and walk away from a service.

Take a look.  It will do your librarian heart good.

Thanks to LISNews for the link.

Photo from Alan Cleaver.

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