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This Week’s Tweets and Pins

Here are the links I shared on my Twitter and Pinterest accounts that you might find interesting:


Want to help books survive? Promote authors yourself | Books | http://guardian.co.uk http://buff.ly/OfUwtw


All Tor books are DRM free from today on – Boing Boing http://buff.ly/LEjGV7 #ebooks

eBooks Are Now ‘The Dominant Single Format’ in Adult Fiction Saleshttp://buff.ly/PgJ17T #ebooks


“But for all their supposed obsolescence, libraries remain vital places, and many of them are more crowded than ever.”http://buff.ly/NGj8em

Cleveland Public Library’s TechCentral offers users advanced technology http://buff.ly/LQGe5e #libraries

Every Read Trip Needs to Stop at a Public Library – the Central Branch of the Indianapolis Public Library

Explore – John Scalzi speaks to the importance of libraries in his life –http://buff.ly/PED6cQ #libraries

Librarians Loose in La Crosse | Why librarians should be excited to attend WLA 2012 in La Crosse, WI! http://buff.ly/LIrMY2

US poverty on track to rise to highest since 1960s http://buff.ly/LEWXUc


Delicious removes its Stacks feature. Reverts to tags. http://buff.ly/LEkwkL

I Know What You Did on the Web

JOMO! – Anil Dash http://buff.ly/LwC11K – The Joy of Missing Out

Oprah’s Book Club 2.0 goes digital http://buff.ly/ObOdHp

Why Google or Facebook Buying Your Favorite Startup Means It’s Probably Toast | Techland | http://TIME.com http://buff.ly/Ofw37y

Why I Just Unfollowed Everyone On Twitter | Gadget Lab | http://Wired.com http://buff.ly/PKnAfz 

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