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Reading Outside the Library World

I’m a huge proponent that you need to read articles outside of the regular library journals and library bubble.  One option is to follow education journals or blogs.  The interests and concerns are close enough to those of libraries and librarians to make most of the reading worth your while.

That’s how I found 7 Habits of Highly Effective Tech-leading Principals.  The article lists those 7 habits, but then goes a few steps farther.  You get the perspective from an expert on why that habit is critical and then a glimpse of what that habit looks like in action.  This takes it from theoretical to practical in a few paragraphs.

Happily, those 7 Habits translate directly to what Tech-leading Library Administration need to be doing too.  Here are the habits themselves, but make sure you click through to the article for that practical piece:

1. Create an atmosphere that inspires innovation

2. Foster collaboration

3. Be open to new ideas

4. Be a connected learner yourself

5. Locate and provide adequate resources

6. Take risks

7. Have a visionary focus

I’d add two more:

1. Be transparent – allow those who work for you to understand your decisions as you make them.

2. Practice radical trust – allow your staff to take risks, give them time to innovate even if it’s not in the way you would

Do you have some to add?  Any that you struggle with?

Image above from http://www.flickr.com/photos/danielygo/.

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