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This Week’s Tweets and Pins

Here are the links I shared on my Twitter and Pinterest accounts that you might find interesting:


All Hat, No Cattle: A Call for Libraries to Transform Before It’s Too Late — The Digital Shift http://buff.ly/KPALw2 #libraries

Are You Listening? | Infoblog http://buff.ly/KzK8Qp #libraries #management

Chicago Building Its First Joint High School/Public Library from the Ground Up http://buff.ly/KziMdd #libraries

French Bookstores Are Still Prospering http://buff.ly/KPaG0e #ebooks

IdeaBox from the Oak Park Public Library « Tame The Web http://buff.ly/KJINqp #libraries

Let Them Lend Cake Pans http://buff.ly/KzYvEg #libraries

Libraries Cut E-Book Deal With Penguin http://buff.ly/LiDK09 #libraries

Libraries See Budgets Drop: ALA Report – GalleyCat http://buff.ly/LgigB2 #libraries

Molly Raphael: Publishers Long Overdue in Offering Libraries eBook Titles http://buff.ly/MwIFEs #libraries #ebooks

Salem Library Blog Awards http://buff.ly/KJDDL2 #libraries #blogging

Slaying a Sacred Cow with a Deck of Cards | Library by Design http://buff.ly/KA9caa #libraries



Google+ Is Finally Coming To Flipboard – Business Insider http://buff.ly/KJo5qu

How 30 Days Without Social Media Changed My Life http://buff.ly/MZjrQh

Sign up for @Prismatic right now with Twitter, Facebook or Google Reader and start finding interesting new stories.http://prsm.tc/QEEgIM



Dear Traditionally Published Writer | The Art & Craft of Writing Creatively http://buff.ly/MrujFk #writing

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