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This Week’s Tweets and Pins

Here are the links I shared on my Twitter and Pinterest accounts that you might find interesting:

15% of Online Adults Use Twitter – http://buff.ly/Mc4GPc

The Curious Case of Internet Privacy by Cory Doctorow – Technology Review http://buff.ly/L9vF8E

Excellent Commencement Address On Failure By Atul Gawande http://buff.ly/Nz5bQi

Google Books is now facing a class-action suit from authors http://buff.ly/L1qh8T

Managing Employees: Get Rid of Hierarchy – what would a flipped library look like with patrons at the top? http://buff.ly/McBT7B

Nook version of War and Peace turns the word “kindled” into “Nookd” | Ars Technica http://buff.ly/L4Gnvu #ebooks

Power up your blog: Lessons Learned Over 11 Years of Blogging #Blogworld | David Lee King http://buff.ly/KkYAXQ

Starting with Simplicity | The User Experience – getting your library website down to one page http://buff.ly/KkXSdc #libraries

Tech-Savvy Seniors: Half of U.S. Adults Over 65 Are Online http://buff.ly/KihVHc

Turn Your Email into the Best Social Network You’ll Ever Use http://buff.ly/LAjy58

"We are planning the library that they will remember in their childhood." – Calgary Public Library http://buff.ly/K8EpRq

Why Supporting Your Local Library Is the Ultimate Homage to Ray Bradbury – GOOD http://buff.ly/KkYgZa #libraries

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