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Calgary’s New Library

September 30, 2014 Leave a comment


Be still my heart, the new Calgary Public Library is simply gorgeous.  But for me, beyond how lovely the design is, I love the 21st century library ideas that run through it.

You can check out the design and the full article at Fast Co Design, but here are my favorite bits about the modern philosophy:

Twice as large as Calgary’s existing public library, it’s designed to be both a circulating public library and a community gathering space, a combination bookstore/computer lab/cafe/event space/social hub that provides a pathway between two disconnected neighborhoods.

There is talk of not having security gates, though the details of that have yet to be figured out entirely.

Then there is the focus on ease of access for both of the neighborhoods that are being connected via the structure.

This is a plan for a library that is going to change neighborhoods in the city, focus on connections and collaboration.  It’s a vision of a new modern library, and it’s very exciting.

This Week’s Tweets, Pins & Tumbls

September 26, 2014 Leave a comment

Here are the links I shared on my Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr accounts this week that I think are cool:

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Banned Books Week


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"One must always be careful of BOOKS and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us." - Cassandra Clare - QUOTES / WORDS


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Only Librarian in the Room

September 25, 2014 Leave a comment


For the last day and a half, I attended an amazing conference called Poverty Matters.  It was right down the road from my library, cost very little to attend, and opened my eyes to issues affecting what my library does and people who are already hard at work addressing those needs that the library can partner with. 

The room was filled with people who are social workers, drug abuse counselors, case workers, housing authority staff, shelter staff, and many more.  I was the only librarian in the room.

I tell you that not to brag, but to show that there are opportunities right in our own communities to attend conferences like this that open your eyes professionally and inspire.  This conference about the war on poverty spoke to the library mission on many levels.  It offered context for what we are seeing inside the library, inspiration on what can be done, and even let me meet new people from my community that I did not yet know.  It was amazing.

Here are a few of the things I took notes on during the sessions:

Urban areas have up to 80% of children without a father in their home.

In mediation, be hard on the problem and soft on the people.  Address emotions, because ignoring them does not mean they go away.

48% of the population is poor or low income.

10,000 baby boomers retire every day.

Sessions ranged from how to communicate better to the importance of father’s in a child’s life to a full poverty simulation that ran for a full afternoon. 

So I’d recommend taking a risk on a conference like this.  I certainly am glad that I did!

This Week’s Tweets, Pins & Tumbls

September 19, 2014 Leave a comment

Here are the links I shared on my Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr accounts this week that I think are cool:

Apple Books for Kids


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Final Skulduggery book in best-selling series is a blast #kidlit

James Dawson says ‘there are too many white faces’ in kids’ books | Books #kidlit

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#we need diverse (picture) books – The Horn Book #kidlit #diversity

Men and women looking through the card catalogues at the Library of Congress, 1941.


Radical Librarianship: how ninja librarians are ensuring patrons electronic privacy – Boing Boing #privacy #libraries

Great round-up of new LGBTQ YA fiction for Fall/Winter 2014-15!


7 Excellent YA Sci-Fi Romance Series – BOOK RIOT #yalit

Meghan Cox Gurdon: Heather Has Two Genders – WSJ #transgender #kidlit #yalit

Q & A with Rick Yancey #yalit

This Week’s Tweets, Pins & Tumbls

September 12, 2014 Leave a comment

Here are the links I shared on my Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr accounts this week that I think are cool:

Child who reads, adult who thinks...


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Mr. Ferris and His Wheel by Kathryn Gibbs Davis ill @gilbertford is outstanding nonfiction. @HMHKids

Q & A with Molly Idle #kidlit

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Here's Why We Need to Protect Public Libraries


Here’s Why We Need to Protect Public Libraries – #libraries


Girls on the edge – The Horn Book #yalit

These Six Maze Runner Clips Kind Of Got Us Excited About This Movie #yalit

Why we love writing the epic Magisterium series together – Holly Black & Cassandra Clare | Guardian – #yalit #kidlit

European Libraries Can Digitize Books Without Permission

September 11, 2014 Leave a comment


According to IT World, an EU court has ruled that European libraries may digitize books and make them available at electronic reading points without obtaining permission first from the copyright holder. 

The EU Copyright Directive has an option specifically for publically accessible libraries that allows them this right to digitize books. 

"The right of libraries to communicate, by dedicated terminals, the works they hold in their collections would risk being rendered largely meaningless, or indeed ineffective, if they did not have an ancillary right to digitize the works in question," the court said.

However, this right does not extend to allowing users to print out the books or save them to a device.  This sort of copying is not allowed for in the exception. 

Fascinating stuff!

Young Americans and Public Libraries – A PewResearch Study

September 10, 2014 Leave a comment


PewResearch released the results of their latest study today that looked at how people aged 16-30 use libraries and books compared to those over 30.  Many people believe that Millennials are not using libraries in the same way, that young children are turning away from them, and that reading too is falling off.

Here are some of the major findings.  You can head to their website to read more.

  • Millennials use lots of technology but also say at a higher rate than those over 30 that not all of the important information is available online.
  • 43% of Millennials have read a book on a daily basis, a rate similar to older adults.
  • Millennials are just as likely as their elders to have used a library in the last year and even more likely to have used a library website.

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