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This Week’s Tweets and Pins

Here are the links I shared on my Twitter and Pinterest accounts that you might find interesting:


The Future of Publishing? 3 Problems with Netflix-For-Magazines http://buff.ly/OBRxuf – Our library just started Zinio!

Project Gutenberg Launches Repository for Self-Published Works http://buff.ly/Lvrh8v

Will Your Children Inherit Your E-Books? : NPR http://buff.ly/LnGIi3 #ebooks


ALA Advocates for Library Broadband Funding | District Dispatch http://buff.ly/MmZoRp

Chicago libraries to reopen Monday mornings http://buff.ly/M2ZmcQ #libraries

Please Don’t Say This to a Librarian « The Magpie Librarian http://buff.ly/MmDTQH #libraries

Real-life librarians hit the Ironforge stacks – Librarians in World of Warcraft http://buff.ly/MmZk4a

Why All Librarians Should be Vocal Advocates | District Dispatch http://buff.ly/ObfTMp #librarians


It’s Official: Social Media Users Happier With Google+ Than With Facebook | Gadget Lab | http://Wired.com http://buff.ly/Q1FHig

The Olympics Don’t Want You To Link To Their Site http://buff.ly/LVP4en

Twitter: Advanced techniques http://buff.ly/LzFhhq

When It Comes to Cybersecurity, Scare Tactics Aren’t Convincing Americans to Sacrifice Privacy | Electronic Frontier F…http://buff.ly/NQRonL

Why Millennials Don’t Want To Buy Stuff | Fast Company http://buff.ly/OCrO4Y

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