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Using this site, you can create tasks that are then run automatically.  You select a trigger and then an action.  So, if you want to save all of the links you tweet about to another site, you would assign a link posted to Twitter as your trigger and then posting that link to Delicious as your action.

This is done as easily as picking things off of a list.  So there is no programming, just connecting one action to another.

Here are three of my tasks:


As you can see, the first task uses an RSS feed as a trigger, so you can collect items blogged about and have them emailed to you, you set up a chain so that anything you personally blog is posted to social media sites, and much more.

The structure is simple, the site is very easy to use, and there is a real sense of control over what is happening rather than using a service that tells you what it does.  This way, you are telling your services exactly what to do.

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