This Week’s Tweets, Pins and Tumbls

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Here are the links I shared on my Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr accounts this week that I think are pretty cool:

11 Children’s Books About Nature


Heather Tomlinson – Blog – Continuing the "diversity" conversation #kidlit

Hogwarts Is Here is like a MOOC for Harry Potter fans, and you can enroll online for free. #kidlit

Katherine Rundell: ‘wouldn’t it be fantastic if people actually did live up here on rooftops and nobody knows?’s

We Need Bigger Megaphones for Diversity in Kid Lit | BOOK RIOT #kidlit


It’s an Ebook World for Young Readers 13 and Under Says PlayCollective Report | SLJ #ebooks




8 Young Adult Books That Should Be Movies (And Who Should Star in Them) #yalit

Are Teen Girls Seeing Themselves Reflected in What They Read? #kidlit

James Patterson wins the 2014 Chicago Tribune Young Adult Literary Award. #kidlit

Read This, Then That: TALKER 25 and Other Fantastic YA Dragon Tales | BOOK RIOT #yalit

Stacked: Revisiting YA Verse Novels: A 2014 Guide to the Format #yalit

Veronica Roth: YA Novels Aren’t Frivolous Teen Fiction | Neon Tommy #yalit

Library Love

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HuffPo has a great post on why you should be taking your child to the library.  It begins with the author of the article talking about using the library as a child and learning to write her name just in order to get her own library card. 

She then goes on to list five reasons to use the library as a parent with your child:

  • Reading is brain food, and using the library leads to more reading.
  • You gain access to more books and other materials than you could buy on your own.
  • Your children’s librarian can tell you about books you would otherwise have missed.
  • Libraries are not shushing places anymore, they are active and fun.
  • A library card teaches responsibility.

I would add a couple more:

  • You have access to a variety of free programs for your child to participate in right at their developmental level.
  • You can meet other parents with children your age and have impromptu playdates right in the library.
  • You can grab books and movies for yourself too!

This Week’s Tweets, Pins and Tumbls

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Here are the links I shared on my Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr accounts this week that I think are pretty cool:

List of 1960s children's book.  Have you read these classics? Click through for the entire list.


HarperCollins to publish new Paddington Bear book | The Bookseller #kidlit

Illustrator Becomes First Latin American to Win Highest Children’s Lit Honor | Vocativ #kidlit

Should celebrities stop writing children’s books? | Comment is free | The Observer #kidlit


Tom Weldon: ‘Some say publishing is in trouble. They are completely wrong’ | The Observer #books #publishing


Serious reading takes a hit from online scanning and skimming, researchers say – The Washington Post #reading


Science says using social media makes you depressed | Science (Yes, I’m sharing it on social media. Enjoy the irony!)

Search Engine DuckDuckGo Is Taking On Google By Doing The One Thing They Won’t Do – Business Insider


8 Great YA Novels Featuring South Asian Protagonists :: Paste #yalit

15 years of SPEAK: An Interview with Laurie Halse Anderson | BOOK RIOT #yalit

Ann Brashares talks dystopia and her new YA novel ‘The Here and Now’ #yalit

Hunger Games to Divergent: Get ready for the next teen revolution | Mail Online #yalit

Idaho school district bans award-winning book for being racy, racist and anti-Jesus #censorship #yalit

Lurid Library Laughs

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I just can’t stop giggling at these fifties-style paperback covers converted to library humor.  There are things here for everyone who has worked in a library:

Circ Girls Are Easy I Had To Use The Public Restroom 

This Week’s Tweets, Pins and Tumbls

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Here are the links I shared on my TwitterPinterest, and Tumblr accounts this week that I hope you find interesting:


The 9 Most Mischievous Literary Pranksters, Ranked| BookBub |   

10 diary books | Children’s books  

Are We Rushing Kids Out of Picture Books? | ShelfTalker  

Classic Childhood Books That Grow With You| Zola Books |  

Does Winnie-the-Pooh hinder a child’s ability to learn science? | Toronto Star   

Hear what ‘wordless author’ David Wiesner has to say about books  

How Jean Craighead George’s ‘Ice Whale’ Got Finished Thanks to Her Surviving Children | SLJ  

Marilyn Nelson: ‘Many performance poets seem to believe that yelling a poem makes it comprehensible’ – GalleyCat 

Top 10 Mothers – and mother figures – in children’s books | Children’s books  


How I learned to stop worrying and love the Kindle | The Daily Dot  


Amazing Reading Nooks: Create Cozy, Inventive Reading Havens in Your Library | School Library Journal  

Libraries are branching out into digital – Fortune Tech  


11 Things You Learn When Your Book Is Turned Into A TV Show| Kass Morgan |  

Beyond the Bestsellers: So You’ve Read SPEAK by Laurie Halse Anderson | BOOK RIOT  

‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower’ Should Be Banned: Kamloops Dad  

See the cover of Scott Westerfeld’s new novel ‘Afterworlds’ | Shelf Life  

The well-read teenager: brilliant classics for young adult readers | Children’s books  

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Google Drive Tips

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google drive logo

Lifehacker is one of my go-to blogs for all sorts of things.  They do amazing posts about technology, but also about a wild blend of topics that both help and surprise. 

Today they posted an article about Google Drive and how to make it act more like Office or other desktop suites.  But beyond that, they go through many features that you may not know about such as add-ons, scripts, and working offline.

This would make a very rich course to offer the public since it is free but also more robust than most users think.  Even if you aren’t looking for another technology course to offer, these tips will make your own use of Google Drive a much better experience.

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Not So Proud of Wisconsin Right Now

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Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin states in his budget proposal that IMLS should be eliminated.  As a Wisconsinite I am mortified.  Thankfully though ALA has responded to his budget proposal with firm statistics:

In Rep. Ryan’s own state of Wisconsin, more than 65 percent of libraries report that they are the only free access point to Internet in their communities. Just blocks from Rep. Ryan’s Wisconsin office, more than 716,000 visitors used the Hedberg Public Library in Janesville, Wisconsin to access library computers and research databases, check out books and receive job training in 2013. The Institute of Museum and Library Services administered more than $2.8 million in the 2014 fiscal year to help Wisconsin libraries prepare young students for school and provide lifelong learning opportunities for all Wisconsin residents. For example, the state reported that more than 215,000 children participated in summer reading programs at Wisconsin public libraries.

As librarians we are asked all the time about whether there is any real need for libraries in the modern day.  I’m old enough to have been a librarian when the Internet came along and we got that same question then.  We need to start making sure that our libraries are far more than book repositories, we must be seen as community centers, community builders and locally-focused organizations.  We must forge connections, serve as the catalyst for local projects, and be the voice for the forgotten in the community. 

Stepping down from the soap box. 


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